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Computer Services

We offer a wide variety of computer services in-house at our facility in Salem, New Hampshire or on-site location. We provide free pickup and delivery to sites within 25 miles. Select services can be done remotely for computers with internet access.

The following is a complete list of computer services we offer, click on a link or contact us for more details.

Hardware & Software Services

Network, Servers & Cabling Services

  • Networking Installation and Setup
  • Outsourced Windows Servers Management
  • Remote Access Support
  • Terminals
  • Security Cameras and other Peripherals

Board & Component Services

  • System Upgrades
  • Component Level Repair and Replacement
  • On board Soldering and Modifications

Service Contracts

See our price chart for computer services or call 603-893-3332 for the current rate for diagnostics and repairs.

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