We bring over 35 years of experience to the Merrimack Valley area.

Service Charges

In-store diagnostic fee:
PCs – Desktop, Laptop & All-in-One; Mac – Desktop $55.00
Mac All-in-One & Mac Laptop
(In-store diagnostic fee would go towards labor charge for further repair)
Power DC jack repair/replacement with 6 months warranty $100.00
On-site service charge per hour $100.00
Traveling fee Starting $25.00
Windows installation with data transfer $125.00
Transfer data/files from working harddrive to other media $95.00
Convert from video tape(s) to fill up one DVD $35.00
Malware/Virus removal $95.00
Regular 15” screen replacement with part & labor with 6-months warranty
(Price varies with smaller or bigger screens)
Labor charge to replace laptop/notebook/tablet screen
(While customer can provide the part but no warranty applied)
Working harddrives cloning $95.00

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